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Q. How do I confirm that my students completed the Spark Tutorials?

Answered By: Pollak Library
Last Updated: Jul 11, 2017     Views: 45

  1. Open your course.

  2. In the Administration block in the left sidebar, expand Course Administration, then expand Users. Click on Enrolled Users.

  3. Click on a student's photo to view their profile.

  4. Under the Course Details section, click on Pollak Library Spark Tutorials. (Note: You must also “enroll” in the Spark Tutorials to view badges.) If this course is not listed under a student's profile, the student has not completed any tutorials.

  5. Look for the badges section (see example). If there is no badges section, then the participant has not earned any badges. If they haven't earned any badges, they haven't completed any tutorials with 100% on the final quiz.

If you're having trouble, please watch this short video on how to check for badges:

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