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Q. I'm confused... What type of food is allowed and not allowed in the library?

Answered By: Megan Wagner
Last Updated: Jul 11, 2017     Views: 130

A good rule of thumb to guide you on eating food in the library is this: If you bought it in the TSU, you should eat it in the TSU. Things like fast food, pizza, Panda Express, Baja Fresh, or prepared meals you made at home or bought off-campus are not allowed in the library, since they create unpleasant smells, trash, and spills that disturb other library users. Items purchased from Starbucks or Titan Shops, like covered drinks, granola bars, fruit, pretzels, or other small snacks are allowed, since they are unlikely to cause any disturbances. Also, delivery of food to the library is prohibited. Those disregarding the food policy will be asked to please leave the library to eat. Please see the library circulation desk if you have any additional questions regarding specific food items in the library.

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Last Published 1/30/19

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