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On the main Google Scholar page ( there's a link to Settings (please click on the three horizontal lines in the upper-left-hand corner of the page to get to this link). Once you click on the Settings link, you'll be taken to a page with "Library links" on the left side. Search for Fullerton or "California State University Fullerton" and once you check the box next to "California State University, Fullerton - Pollak Library Find It" you'll see the links appear.

Note - if we have it electronically, a link will appear on the right. If we have it in print, you'll have to click on "More" under the article to get the Pollak Library Find It link.


Background Information
When there is a lot of traffic from Cal State Fullerton to Google Scholar using the proxied link that is found under the Pollak Library databases list, you may be unable to connect to Google Scholar through the Pollak Library and instead receive an error message. Google Scholar essentially is interpreting the traffic that goes through the proxied link provided by the Pollak Library as coming from one person. The reason for this is because the proxied link is based on one IP address. This is a known issue with Google Scholar, and Google Scholar has not been able to provide a resolution.

When the traffic subsides, the Google Scholar proxied link provided by the Pollak Library works as usual.

For this reason, the Pollak Library has provided the steps on this page as a way to regain access to the "Pollak Library Find It" links in Google Scholar.

If you still receive an error message, please clear the cache from your browser, close the browser, and try again.